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1 Thiol-Functionalized Covalent Organic Frameworks as Thermal History Indictor for Temperature and Time History monitoring Advanced Functional Materials 202107 A 邓启良
2 Selective recovery of strontium from oilfield water by ion-imprinted alginate microspheres modified with thioglycollic acid Chemical Engineering Journal 202104 A 邓天龙
3 Titanium-based ion sieve with enhanced post-separation ability for high performance lithium recovery from geothermal water Chemical Engineering Journal 202104 A 邓天龙
4 Synthesis of granulated H4Mn5O12/chitosan with improved stability by a novel cross-linking strategy for lithium adsorption from aqueous solutions Chemical Engineering Journal 202112 A 余晓平
5 Understanding the Reduction of Transition-Metal Phosphates to Transition-Metal Phosphides by Combining Temperature-Programmed Reduction and Infrared Spectroscopy Angewandte Chemie Internationale Edition 202105 A 盛强
6 Modern techniques efficacy on tofu processing: A review Trends in Food Science & Technology 202110 A 王正祥
7 Construction of defect-engineered three-dimensionally ordered macroporous WO3 for efficient photocatalytic water oxidation reaction Journal of Materials Chemistry A 202101 A 王亚婷
8 Prussian blue analogs-based layered double hydroxides for highly efficient Cs plus removal from wastewater Journal of Hazardous Materials 202105 A 胡佳音
9 Synergistic immobilization of chromium in tannery sludge by ZnO and TiO2 and the oxidation mechanism of Cr(III) under alkaline in high temperature Journal of Hazardous Materials 202109 A 吕树祥
10 Simultaneous electrochemical determination of nitrophenol isomers based on macroporous carbon functionalized with amino-bridged covalent organic polycalix[4]arenes Journal of Hazardous Materials 202108 A 赵金
11 Conformational Transition-Triggered Disassembly of Therapeutic Peptide Nanomedicine for Tumor Therapy Advanced Healthcare Materials 202104 B 樊志
12 Simultaneous determination of nitrophenol isomers based on reduced graphene oxide modified with sulfobutylether-β-cyclodextrin Carbohydrate Polymers 202107 B 赵金
13 Black Phosphorus Nanosheet Encapsulated by Zeolitic Imidazole Framework-8 for Tumor Multimodal Treatments ACS Applied Materials Interface 202109 B 邓启良
14 Conductive One-Dimensional Coordination Polymers with Tunable Selectivity for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 202222 B 李盛华
15 Precisely Engineered Photoreactive Titanium Nanoarray Coating to Mitigate Biofouling in Ultrafiltration ACS Applied Material Interfaces 202103 B 张蕾
16 Novel montmorillonite-sulfur composite for enhancement of selective adsorption toward cesium Green Energy & Environment 202222 B 胡佳音
17 Chromium catalysts stabilized by alkylphosphanyl PNP ligands for selective ethylene tri-/tetramerization JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS 202109 B 姜涛
18 Mechanistic studies and kinetics of the desulfurization of 2-phenylcyclohexanethiol over sulfided Mo, Ni-Mo, and Co-Mo on γ-Al2O3 Journal of Catalysis 202222 B 李翔
19 In situ encapsulation engineering boosts the electrochemical performance of highly graphitized N-doped porous carbon-based copper–cobalt selenides for bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis Nanoscale 202109 B 张杭
20 Solution-Processable Conductive Composite Hydrogels with Multiple Synergetic Networks toward Wearable Pressure/Strain Sensors ACS Sensors 202110 B 韦会鸽
21 Desirability of position 2, 2’-bipyridine group into COFs for the fluorescence sensing of Ni (II) Sensors and Actuators B Chemical 202106 B 邓启良
22 Study on vacuum membrane distillation performance of PP/POE blending membranes prepared via thermally induced phase separation using bidiluent Separation and Purification Technology 202102 B 唐娜
23 Lithium extraction from brine by an asymmetric hybrid capacitor composed of heterostructured lithium-rich cathode and nano-bismuth anode Separation and Purification Technology 202222 B 赵晓昱
24 Preparation and molecular simulation of grafted polybenzimidazoles containing benzimidazole type side pendant as high-temperature proton exchange membranes Journal of Membrane Science 202102 B 唐娜
25 Dendritic core-shell copper-nickel alloy@metal oxide for efficient non-enzymatic glucose detection Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical 202102 B 韦会鸽
26 Facile production of three-dimensional chitosan fiber embedded with zinc oxide as recoverable photocatalyst for organic dye degradation International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 202106 B 褚立强
27 In situ growth zeolite imidazole framework materials on chitosan for greatly enhanced antibacterial effect International Journalof Biological Macromolecules 202109 B 廖小元
28 New benzotriazole-based D-A-D type solvatochromic dyes for water content detection in organic solvents International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 202222 B 王劭妤
29 Exploration of Metal-Molecule interaction of subnanometric heterogeneous catalysts via simulated Raman spectrum Applied Surface Science 202112 B 滕波涛
30 Gram-scale synthesis of porous three-dimensional carbon nanosheets for high efficiency clean water production Materials Research Letter 202104 B 邓启良
31 Volumetric properties of disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate aqueous solution from 283.15 to 363.15 K at 101.325 kPa Food Chemistry 202105 B 邓天龙
32 Fluorescence sensing of cobalt (II) at nanomole level based on bipyridine linked three dimensional covalent organic frameworks Microchimica Acta 202104 B 邓启良
33 Perylene diimides coated Fe-MOFs as acid-tolerant photo-Fenton catalyst for phenol removal Applied Surface Science 202105 B 杨宗政
34 Phase diagrams for the ternary system (NH4NO3 + CsNO3 + H2O) at 298.15 and 348.15 K and its application to cesium nitrate recovery from the eluent aqueous solution of ammonium nitrate Journal of Molecular Liquids 202109 B 郭亚飞
35 Insights into solvent-dependent nucleation behavior of benzoic acid from metastable zone widths JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS 202112 B 王彦飞
36 Polydopamine-Encapsulated Dendritic Organosilica Nanoparticles as Amphiphilic Platforms for Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Catalysis in Water Chinese Journal of Chemistry 202107 B 张蕾
37 Gelation process of carboxymethyl chitosan-zinc supramolecular hydrogel studied with fluorescence imaging and mathematical modelling International Journal of Pharmaceutics 202108 B 褚立强
38 Macromolecule Sulfonated Poly(ether ether ketone) Crosslinked poly(4,4'-diphenylether-5,5'-bibenzimidazole) Proton Exchange Membranes: Broaden the Temperature Application Range and Enhanced Mechanical Properties INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY 202110 B 张蕾
39 Carbon tubes from biomass with prominent adsorption performance for paraquat Chemosphere 202101 B 邓启良
40 Thermal properties and enzymatic degradation of PBS copolyesters containing dl-malic acid units Chemosphere 202101 B 王美怡
41 Application of a super-stretched self-healing elastomer based on methyl vinyl silicone rubber for wearable electronic sensors Polymer Chemistry 202222 B 崔永岩
42 Treatment of water-based ink wastewater by a novel magnetic flocculant of boron-containing polysilicic acid ferric and zinc sulfate Journal of Water Process Engineering 202104 B 王小聪
43 MIL-88A anchoring on different morphological g-C3N4 for enhanced Fenton performance Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 202222 B 廖小元
44 Utilizing Ti-MOF crystals' defects to promote their adsorption and the mechanism investigation MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS 202222 B 廖小元
45 Performance improvement of non-sintering permeable brick with the addition of fibers at a low content Journal of Building Engineering 202222 B 吴燕
46 ZnS nanoparticles embedded in N-doped porous carbon xerogel as electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries Journal of Alloys and Compounds 202110 B 田桂英
47 Promotion of Proton Conductivity by Encapsulation of Metal-Organic Polyhedra in Metal-Organic Frameworks Chemistry – A European Journal 202108 B 张晨曦
48 Study of the Lithium Storage Mechanism of N-Doped Carbon-Modified Cu2S Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries Chemistry—A European Journal 202110 B 赵子健
49 High Proton Conductivity of a Cadmium Metal-Organic Framework Constructed from Pyrazolecarboxylate and Its Hybrid Membrane Inorganic Chemistry 202222 B 张晨曦
50 Stability and bioaccessibility improvement of capsorubin using bovine serum albumin-dextran-gallic acid and sodium alginate International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 202105 B 王彪
51 An extrusion granulation process without sintering for the preparation of aggregates from wet dredged sediment Powder Technology 202110 B 吴燕
52 Volumetric properties of the binary System (NaClO3 + H2O) and the ternary system (NaClO3 + NaCl + H2O) at temperatures from 283.15 to 363.15 K and ambient pressure Journal of Molecular Liquids 202105 B 邓天龙
53 New benzotriazole-based D-A-D type solvatochromic dyes for water content detection in organic solvents DYES AND PIGMENTS 202222 B 陆福泰
54 Construction of precisely controllable and stable interface bonding Au-TiO2/PVDF composited membrane for biofouling-resistant properties Surfaces and Interfaces 202106 B 张蕾
55 Blocking the defect sites on ultrathin Pt nanowires with Rh atoms to optimize the reaction path toward alcohol fuel oxidation Chinese Chemical Letters 202007 B 赵晓昱
56 High Tg and excellent ultraviolet-shielding efficiency modified PMMA derived from protocatechuic acid European Polymer Journal 202110 B 唐旭东
57 Improved catalytic performance of CrOx catalysts supported on foamed Sn-modified alumina for propane dehydrogenation Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 202102 B 邵怀启
58 Environmentally benign and durable superhydrophobic coatings based on short fluorocarbon chain siloxane modified halloysite nanotubes for oil/water separation Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 202112 B 陈晓婷
59 A facile method to control the morphologies of barium sulfate particles by using carboxylic carbon quantum dots as a regulator Colloids and Surfaces a-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 202112 B 王小聪
60 Size effects of Ag nanoparticle for N2 photofixation over Ag/g-C3N4: Built-in electric fields determine photocatalytic performance Colloids and Surfaces a-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 202110 B 姚月
61 An electrocatalytic active AuNPs/5-Amino-2-mercaptobenzimidazole/rGO/SPCE composite electrode for ultrasensitive detection of progesterone Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 202102 B 赵晓昱
62 Environmental-friendly non-sintered permeable bricks: Preparation from wrap-shell lightweight aggregates of dredged sediments and its performance Construction and Building Materials 202103 B 吴燕
63 Dual-functional coordination polymers with high proton conduction behaviour and good luminescence properties Dalton Transactions. 202107 B 张晨曦
64 Efficient Solar-Driven Water Purification Based on Biochar with Multi-level Pore Bundle Structure for Preparation of Drinking Water Foods 202112 B 邓启良
65 Polypyrrole/Al2O3/LiMn2O4 cathode for enhanced storage of Li ions Electrochemistry Communications 202103 B 朱亮
66 High Proton Conduction Behavior of a Water-Stable Cadmium Organic Framework and Its Polymer Composite Membranes Journal of The Electrochemical Society 202107 B 张晨曦
67 Activated carbons prepared via reflux-microwave-assisted activation approach with high adsorption capability for methylene blue Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 202102 B 韦会鸽
68 Ortho-C-H addition of 2-substituted pyridines with alkenes and imines enabled by mono(phosphinoamido)-rare earth complexes Applied Organometallic Chemistry 202106 B 陈延辉
69 Chromium catalysts based on PNP(NR2)2 ligands for selective ethylene oligomerization Applied Organometallic Chemistry 202109 B 姜涛
70 Can the Crystal of Conformational Polymorph Nucleate Directly from Its Conformer? The Case of Flufenamic Acid Crystal Growth & Design 202106 B 杜威
71 Review of Liquid–Liquid Phase Separation in Crystallization: From Fundamentals to Application Crystal Growth & Design(晶体生长与设计) 202112 B 王彦飞
72 Two Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks with Imidazole Encapsulation: Synthesis and Proton Conductivity Crystal Growth & Design 202107 B 张晨曦
73 Fault detection and diagnosis for reactive distillation based on convolutional neural network Computers & Chemical Engineering 202102 B 盖晓龙
74 QSPR for predicting the hydrophile-lipophile balance (HLB) of non-ionic surfactants Colloids and Surfaces A Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 202102 B 闫方友
75 Evaluating the properties of ionic liquid at variable temperatures and pressures by quantitative structure–property relationship (QSPR) Chemical Engineering Science 202102 B 闫方友
76 Separation of magnesium from high Mg/Li ratio brine by extraction with an organic system containing ionic liquid Chemical Engineering Science 202101 B 余晓平
77 In situ analysis of pore size effect of ionic solvation during the formation of double electric layers Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 202101 B 赵晓昱
78 In-situ preparation of molecularly imprinted fluorescent sensing test strips for on -site detection of tyramine in vinegar Microchemical Journal 202101 B 邓启良
79 Synthesis of Magnetic Ferrocene-Containing Polymer with Photothermal Effects for Rapid Degradation of Methylene Blue Polymers 202102 B 邓启良
80 Solid-liquid phase equilibrium and phase diagram of the ternary system (NaNO3 + CsNO3 + H2O) and its application for cesium nitrate separation Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 202110 B 邓天龙
81 Volumetric properties of the ternary system (CsCl + Cs2SO4 + H2O) and its subsystems from 283.15 to 363.15 K and atmospheric pressure: Experimental and thermodynamic model Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 202109 B 郭亚飞
82 Solubility determination and thermodynamic modeling of solid−liquid equilibria in the (NaCl + NaBO2 + Na2B4O7 + H2O) system at 298.15 K Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 202101 B 邓天龙
83 Solid-liquid phase equilibria of the quinary system containing sodium, potassium, lithium, chloride and pentaborate ions at 298.15 K and 101.325 kPa Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 202105 B 郭亚飞
84 Determination and correlation of binary molten solid–liquid equilibria of tetramethyl biphenyl isomers Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 202102 B 王彦飞